These natural pieces of stone, with one to any number of candle votives, will be a great addition to any home, either as a centerpiece on a dining table, on a mantle, coffee table, patio table, or anywhere you want some classy ambiance. Enjoy!

Candle SlabsCandle Slabs

Unique candle slabs are made of reclaimed granite diverted from a landfill in Colorado. Display on a mantle or down the center of a dining table as a signature piece. These pieces are one of a kind and make great gifts! Glass votives and candles included

Candle Slabs are categorized by the number of votives. The size is proportionate to the number of candles

Linear or free form

Available in 2 cm thickness

3 Hole Candle Slab

5 Hole Candle Slab

7 Hole Candle Slab

Elevated with circular granite feet and includes felt pads to protect surfaces, glass votives and ivory or white candles



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